Garnituri de îmbinare inelară

Ring Type Joint Gaskets (RTJ Gaskets) or ring type gaskets are precision machined, metallic sealing rings suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications.

China Ring Type Joint Gasket Manufacturer supplies Ring Type Joint Gaskets, RTJ Gaskets. Oval Ring Joint type, Octagonal Ring Joint type, RX Ring joint type, BX Ring Joint type, etc can be providing.

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ASME B16.20 316L 316L Garnitură de îmbinare inelară octogonală tip R45 6 Inch CL900
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China Producător de garnituri octogonale de îmbinare inelară furnizează ASME B16.20 316L Garnitură octogonală de îmbinare inelară tip R45, 6 Inch, CL900.

316L Octogonal Ring Joint Gasket 300LB 4 Inch

China Producător de garnituri de etanșare furnizează 316L Octogonal Ring Joint Gasket, 300LB, 4 Inch.