What Are the Knife Gate Valves? (1)

A knife gate valve has two sealing surfaces and adopts the gate as its disc. The gate moves in perpendicular to the direction of fluids. With the help of the knife-shaped gate able to cut off the fibrous material, this kind of valve is used to block the media.

The cavity does not exit in the valve body of a knife gate valve. The lug on the valve bottom presses the gate to fix the gate on the valve body. In order to ensure better sealing performance, the valve seat with the O-shaped sealing ring can be used to achieve two-way sealing performance. 

The knife gate valve is particularly preferred due to its low prices among valves. At the same, the gate valve only requires small installing spaces and is suitable for low pressure working conditions.

With properties of small sizes, tiny weights, little fluid resistance, easy installing and removal processes, etc., the super-thin knife gate valve successfully solves the problems, such as large fluid resistance, big weights, hard installation and large working spaces, of ordinary gate valves, ball valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, etc.

After the advent of the knife gate valve, a large quantity of general stop valves and control valves have been replaced. Nowadays, America and Japan have already become the largest knife gate valve markets in the world. 

The knife gate valve was introduced to the Chinese market in 1970s. In the past decades, on the basis of general application areas, this kind of gate valve gets wider applications. From the slagging and the coal dressing of mines and electric power plants to the waste water treatment in urban areas, and from the general industrial pipelines to the special pipelines for food and pharmaceuticals industries, the knife gate valve becomes widespread in various fields in China.

Properties of knife gate valves
Knife gate valves are good for remote control. These gate valves can even report the position and perform the centralized remote control according to the requirements of users.

Knife gate valves have small weights. With valve bodies made of carbon steel, the knife gate valves are general 20 percent to 30 percent lighter than the other traditional gate valves.

With knife gate valves, the sealing performance of pipelines is enhanced and the leakage of the pipelines is limited to the utmost extent, which can improve the production efficiency and promote the environment protection.

The sealing surface of this kind of valve is made of ceramic materials which have high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance, so that the service life of the valve can be prolonged. Thus, the knife gate valve is ten times more economical than other valves.
Source: China Gate Valves Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry (www.pipelinedubai.com)

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