What are Differences between Forged Steel Ball Valves and High Pressure Ball Valves?

Both forged steel ball valves and high pressure ball valves are widely applied to industries. What are the differences between these two kinds of valves?

Materials of the valve body of the ball valve can be roughly divided into two kinds: casting materials and forging materials. Materials of forged steel ball valves are made by forging, and there are various forging materials including A105, LF2, F304 and F316. Forged steel ball valves can be made into valves of high pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. 

As for the diameter of forged steel ball valves, small diameter and large diameter forged steel ball valves both can be made. Their materials are all made by forging, and the materials’ density is different from that of the materials made by casting. These are advantages of forgings.

It is easy to imagine what a high pressure ball valve is, but there are high pressure ball valves made by forging and high pressure ball valves made by casting. There are more small diameter high pressure ball valves that are made by forging than those made by casting because it is hard to make the mold for the high pressure ball valves with smaller diameter and most of molds are leaky. Thus, most high pressure ball valves are made by forging rather than casting. Although forged high pressure ball valves have more beautiful appearance than cast pressure ball valves, their prices are much higher. 

High pressure ball valves will be made by casting when their diameters are over 6 inch, and the manufacturing of such a big valve body will be completed successfully from die sinking to casting. Compared with the forged high pressure ball valve, the cast high pressure ball valves have the relatively smaller weight and beautiful appearance too. 

The applications and characteristics of the forged steel high pressure ball valve
Forged steel high pressure ball valves are mainly used for the long-distance pipeline transportation system of petroleum and natural gas and the urban gas pipeline system. Due to the unique characteristics of valves for long-distance pipelines, the forged steel high pressure ball valve’s capacity to bear stresses as well as performance of security, weather resistance and reliability for long-time service are fully considered in the designing process. There is special design for the valves’ sealing structures. 

The operating modes of the forged steel high pressure ball valves include hand operation, the worm gear operation, the pneumatic operation, the electric operation, hydraulic-pneumatic operation, the electro-hydraulic operation and all kinds of special control forms.

Source: China Ball Valves Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry (www.pipelinedubai.com)

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